First Name Margaret
Last Name Nancarrow
Username * asongforOphelia
Country USA
City St Paul
Languages English




This is art that catches our Editor's eye.
To earn it, make great work, and start networking to get your work seen. Editor's Choice 3


I started seriously drawing a good five or six years ago in an attempt to immitate the anime cartoons I loved so much. Since then I have tired my best to move away from a cartoonish style, and I have stopped coloring line drawings in favor of painting a picture. I do this stuff for fun, and my speed has fallen considerably since I entered University. I am a second year student now, studying History and Religion (with a side-major in World Domination). I also write, and my drawings/paintings are closely related to the stories that I write. Part of the reason I strive so hard to paint is because I feel the need to show the characters and images in my far-fetched and wicked fantasy novels. (All incomplete, unfortunately.)